Social Media

This will be more about text promotion of your posts and interact with your followers and readers. You have the ability to include a short description of your post to try and entice people to click through. You can also include photos in your tweet to give people a flavour of what the post is about or to attract their attention when they are scrolling through their feed. I love using Twitter to engage with other bloggers, especially through chats which is a great way to promote blog posts.

You can use your account to post links to your posts like you would on Twitter. Some people tend to create a Facebook like page for their blog where people can follow it and all the updates are posted on this page so your readers can find it easily. Getting people to like the page can increase your overall followers too, and may encourage more people to do the same if they see a lot of people already do like it. 

This is the place where you are more likely to post aesthetically pleasing photos with a link to the post. It is more likely you will post a photo that is included in the blog post, sometimes posting your best one could work. If people can see a high-quality photo then they are more likely to want to click through to your blog. Sometimes your photos will appear on the Explore page allowing for more people too check them out and sometimes click through to your blog.

You can use Pinterest to post photos that link to your posts but graphics can also work well here. Having a mix of the two types should help increase your traffic as people often go onto Pinterest to search for something specific such as a 'how to' post. When posting graphics, make sure you spend the time making a high quality and eye-catching one so that people are more likely to stop and click on it by using Canva for example. Having the ability to create boards means you can create one for your blog and pin all of the posts to that board so it's easy for people to find them all in one place. Pinning them to topical boards such as beauty or fashion will make them come up in different peoples feeds and increase your reach.

This is great for automatically sharing posts from Blogger so that whenever you publish, you already have one outlet putting your content out. People can add you to their circles and follow you so that they can get access to your content easily. I have had a decent amount of views (which you can see here) that have come from my Google+ so I know that it's worth using. 

Buffer is what I use to schedule my tweets so that I will always have links going up whatever I am doing. This is definitely worth doing as I noticed an increase in page views when using this. At the moment I only use it for Twitter but you can add multiple social media accounts. It's also a great tool to promote your previous posts so they aren't left dormant and no longer get read. You have the ability to set a schedule for how often and when you want the tweets to go up to make it super easy to schedule them in, especially if you're often busy.

This is a professional network where you can connect with other people which will also let you see their updates. There is a feed on LinkedIn so you can share your posts here and it will come up in the feed of everyone you are connected with. It will also show potential employers and/or PR Agencies and Brands the kind of work you are capable of producing so may help to open doors in this area too. 

Putting Your Blog On The Web

This is a site where you are able to reach people all over the world. When using the site you can be directed to numerous sites of tailored content based on your preferences for what you want to see. If you submit your content it will get brought up as part so that people can 'stumble' across your blog. This is a great way of attracting new readers, as someone who may never have found your blog is given your blog in their lap and may fall in love with it. 

This is similar to stumble upon, but have some other features such as more categories. It brings a lot of news and sites together and gives people the ability to discuss them and interact. If you wanted to submit your content it may well get shared on Reddit and people can provide their views on it, which may also be useful feedback for future posts to help you improve.

Guest Posts
Posting on other people blogs is a good way of reaching other readers that wouldn't necessarily go to your blog. It's your chance to show what you can do and get links back to your blog so make sure you spend as much time into your guest post so that you have the best chance of attracting people to your own blog. When your post is promoted on their social media accounts, you have more people that wouldn't normally see it, with the added bonus of gaining new followers who don't currently know who you are. 

Google Ping
Google Ping is something not talked enough about in the blogging world and you need to know about it! Pinging is where you're letting search engines know that you've made changes to your website and it should be recrawled. In turn, this should help your blog index higher.

You can easily create a sign-up sheet on your blog to create your own weekly or monthly newsletter to arrive in people's inboxes. If you have enough interest you can add links within the newsletter to recent post and include your top photos from the month. Note: you have to allow people to sign up with their email address themselves and not just send it out to anyone you fancy.

Comment On Other Blogs
If you comment on blogs, especially ones that you don't often interact with, you are able to leave your link in the comment so that they can see who's blog is behind the comment. This gives you new avenues for traffic and if you spend the time to post thoughtful comments people are likely to return the favour to boost your interaction and also to come back and read your blog. 

Email Signature
This is something you wouldn't necessarily think of as a way of promoting but including a link to your blog would give people a very easy way of getting on and seeing what you are all about. If you think how emails you send if only a few of these clicked through it would be a very easy way of boosting views. It works well if you were emailing brands or PR for example as they can take a quick look at your blog using that link which may increase your chances of working with them.

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