I've tried out my fair share of skin products and was excited when I had the opportunity to try out this Personal Microderm (PMD) £150.00*. I've heard about numerous skin treatments before and always have to use an exfoliation glove due to my combination skin, so I've had high hopes that this would do the trick.. I'd never been keen to have to go to a spa to get a treatments, so having something handy like this that I can do at home would be so much easier. Knowing that you can work your way up with the different attachments has been motivating too since it's not something that will only be effective for a few times. It's even been voted the Best Beauty Buy by the US InStyle Magazine and has been tested on The Gadget Show (which I love).

The PMD Personal Microderm is a small hand-held device that is designed help with skin purifying and refining. It's designed to offer the same results as you'd expect from microdermabrasion treatments that you would have to travel to a spa or beauty salon for. The idea is that if used regularly, wrinkles, pigmentation and scars fade along with reducing the formation of spots. As someone who is prone to spots even in her twenties, I can't tell you how happy this made me feel. Another plus is that it doubles up as a body exfoliator in the summer months which is essential when you're fake tanning. Apparently only taking 5 minutes to use, it was very intrigued to see how this would perform. I've tried a few products out that have taken a lot longer to use so it was interesting to see whether this would be as good as it's rated in the blogging community.

Using the same crystals as the professional machines to make up the flat, coarse disc that gives the skin deep exfoliation leaving the skin soft and healthy. The device has a vacuum action to instantly remove the dead skin cells to then activate the skin healing to start cell renewal and collagen production in the skins upper layers. Other uses for the PMD are for sun damage, age spots and reducing the formation of acne. Clogged pores are cleared out to release any dirt and oil trapped which also allows for skin care products to be better absorbed which is important for people with combination skin as creams left on the surface often lead to more of an oil build up which in turn can produce more spots.

To achieve the best possible results, it is advised to follow the PMD guidelines and start with the training discs to test initial tolerance and to learn how to move the device over the skin. As the PMD comes with a disk that's easy to follow, you can use the PMD whilst you watch the guide on the DVD to use it correctly. It saves a lot of time being able to use the device at home and I find my makeup sits on my face a lot better than previously. I'm able to use this every week for a refresh and find that starting with the most sensitive attachment is best for my skin. 

Eventually I will use the other discs once my skin has really gotten used to the device. I didn't end up taking it away with my on holiday so it's had a two week break so I'm ready to get back onto it now! I'd really recommend this if your skin is stuck in a rut and you're needing something new to introduce into your skincare routine. If you added up the prices of going to get microdermabrasion treatments in a salon you're definitely saving yourself a lot of money so £150 is a good price for this in my eyes.
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