I'm a huge sucker for a good lipstick. When it comes to picking out which lipstick I want to wear or buy, the main things that stand out for me are pigmentation and lasting power. Seventeen have recently brought out the Mega Matte Lipsticks* (£4.49) in 12 different colours from nudes to brights and today I'll be talking about the three shades that I have here. All of the lipsticks possess long lasting power for up to 13 hours with high impact to glide on smoothly for pout perfecting colour. The packaging is sleek and looks like it should be worth a price similar to what a Mac lipstick is worth and is definitely a good product to show off what Seventeen is all about.

The three shades that I'm reviewing are Nude News, No Corals and Violet Summer. Seventeen have actually made a colour wheel to determine what shades would match your skin tone best but have also said that lipsticks are meant to be worn to give you confidence and let you have fun so I picked one to match my skin tone and two that are more fun. Nude News is such a true nude with a light pink/mauve undertone that looks beautiful with or without a lip liner. It's definitely more of an everyday lipstick and with it being matte it lasts longer than a creamy lipstick so you don't need to worry about it coming off when you're eating your lunch.

No Corals is my favourite shade and I've been loving and is very similar to the Tom Ford Ultra Rich Lip Color which is around ten times the price of this. They're both matte finishes with high pigmentation and look so pretty with a tan. If I were to recommend either of them it would be to try out the Seventeen alternative as you can barely tell the difference on the lips and you can save yourself a lot of money and pick up more of the Seventeen shades whilst you're at it.

The final shade is Violet Summer which is actually the shade that my boyfriend picked out for me as he knows I like bold and bright shades, but said he thought it would look good against my blonde hair throughout the whole year. As we slowly approach Autumn I know I'll be wearing this more often and I think this is best applied with the Seventeen Lip Brush* (£2.49) which is an absolute bargain for a lip brush. Along with the bright brush handle which makes it look like it should be worth around £10, it's small enough to apply the lipstick evenly and precisely. It's made of 100% synthetic hair so is cruelty free and I wash this the same way I wash the rest of my brushes.

On Boots.com you can actually buy these lipsticks for £3.49 at the moment and can receive a free gift when you spent £6 of more on Seventeen products. If you bought two lipsticks you'd save £2 and receive the Seventeen Superlash Mascara worth £6.99 (currently £3.99) which is such a bargain. I've demoted some of my lipsticks that were on top of my makeup storage and replaced them with these three lipsticks as I'm getting so much wear out of them lately. Other shades I'd really recommend you try out are Rioja Your World, Looking Buff and Lava You Lot. If you pick up any of the Mega Matte Lipsticks make sure to take a photo and use the hashtag #OutWithTheOldInWithTheBold and tag @Seventeen_UK so they can retweet/regram your photos!

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