If you're a big jewellery like myself you'll love this post. Recently I was sent the first beautiful Amore Box* from Amore Boutique and I thought not only that it would be lovely to share my thoughts on it, it would be a fantastic opportunity to show you the love that goes into creating these boxes. Sarah from Amore Boutique has just launched the Amore Box, featuring three beautiful pieces of jewellery which has a retail value of £17.97 but the box is only £10 to purchase.

The three items included in this box are the Autumn Leaf Necklace (£6.99) which is a silver necklace in the shape of a leaf which actually matches a silver ring I bought myself a few years ago and was my favourite item included. It's dainty and will go with almost anything, and since Autumn is undoubtedly the best time of the year, it's perfect for wearing now. The second piece is a pair of Starry Night Earrings (£5.99) which are small rose gold earrings with three stars in. I'm a huge lover of rose gold pieces and these earrings are a subtle way to show your personality and introduce copper into your outfit. The final piece is the Open Diamond Ring (£4.99) which only comes in one size but is a statement piece which looks lovely with midi and stackable rings. The only thing I would change about the box would be to add an adjustable ring to the box to ensure one size will fit all.

If you'd like to check out the box for yourself, head over to Amore Boutique to save yourself £7.97 on the Autumn box, and head over to their social media profiles (all @amoreboutiquex) to have a look at the other pieces they sell. Not only do they sell jewellery, they also sell sunglasses and bags that are all affordable and beautiful. If you ask me, you should have a look at their silver disc pieces whilst you're there! If you use the code 20OFF at the checkout you'll receive 20% off your purchase until midnight 11th September.
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