Paige's Preferences
I've been chatting to Paige for so long now I've lost count, and always give her blog a weekly read to catch up on everything shes been writing about. Whether it be about beauty products or her family her blog is filled with variety and fun posts that keep you reading for hours.

Emmys Beauty Cave
I've been reading Emmy's blog for quite some time now and her photos really inspire me to up my own photo game. If you've seen her Makeup Geek Starter Kit + Swatches post you'll know what I mean! Emmy blogs about beauty and lots of it so if you're thinking about buying something, head to her blog as shes probably already reviewed it.

Cycles With Wolves
I actually know Shannon personally as we were on the same law course in University together before she switched to Media and Journalism. Shannon writes a lot about her personal life journey including fitness, lifestyle and beauty and I absolutely adore her blog design.

Franny Mac
If you've not been on Fran's blog before, be ready to be envious. Her blog design is to die for and she writes so openly and honestly that it makes me want to keep clicking away at her blog posts for hours. Her beauty posts in particular are full of swatches and reviews and I've already written a Colourpop order out just from having a read of her blog.

Pint Sized Beauty
Lily is well known in the blogging community for her stunning photographs and composition and if you've not been on her blog before you've probably already had a good look at her Instagram. Her blog is easy to navigate and if you have a look at her Popular Posts section I'm sure they'll inspire you to pick up your camera and get snapping.

Andy Hadley-Smith
Although I'm slightly biased towards Andy since he is in fact my boyfriend, I do really enjoy reading his blog. It's different in the fact that it's from a male perspective but he writes a lot of chatty and tech posts along with taking beautiful travel photos. As we have a vlog channel together he also features these into some of his posts.

Very Berry Cosmo
Kayleigh's blog is bright and adventurous as you might see from her main page. She's known for her raw and open mental health posts that are so insightful. I love reading about events she's been to and Kayleigh is another blogger with a stunning blog design.

I've not long been speaking to Victoria but her blog is pastel themed and blogs a lot about beauty. Not only does she take pretty photos but she actually makes mini vlogs over on Snapchat and Instagram so she's well worth the follow.

Sarah In Wonderland
Sarah is an absolute babe who I can go to if I ever have any worries or questions, especially about my medical conditions. Sarah is one of many Spoonies who often blogs about her health journey as well as beauty and anything she needs to get off her chest. She's also hilarious, but I'll let you check her Snapchat out to see for yourself.

When Tania Talks
Tania is another Spoonie who I've spoken to for quite a while and often refer to her blog when talking about medical conditions. Tania talks about a variety of topics such as fashion, beauty and her life journey. She also talks about wearing makeup when you have allergies which I wasn't aware of until I met her so she inspires me to be aware of my surroundings and be a kind and considerate person.

All Things Beautiful
Jessie blogs about varies subjects but in particular I really enjoy reading her fashion and fitness posts. Her outfit photos are stunning, especially her most recent post which features the clifftops and the sea. It definitely makes a change to the regular OOTD posts and her chatty posts are so in depth it's brilliant. 

What are your favourite blogs to read? Link them down below so I can check them out.