This month's Degustabox* looked great once again and included quite a few items I had never heard of before. This is what I like about these boxes as you can often discover new things that you would have not otherwise tried. 


Quite and interesting brand name to kick things off this month with the Willy Chase's Fit Corn (£2.19). This is a locally made product that is grown, harvested and air-popped in Herefordshire and is even seasoned with local ingredients. I received the Smoky Bloody Mary which is an unusual choice of flavour yet they had an interesting taste that was something a little different to the standard sweet or salted options. Next on the list were this Oloves (£1.00) which contain no stone to make them a perfect and easy snack. They are seasoned with chili, garlic and oregano that are freshly packed and contain plenty of natural goodness for a low calorie option. If you are wanting something slightly different, the Rakusen's Snackers (£1.29/£1.49) that come in both plain & gluten free options have less than 1% fat with only 7 calories in each cracker. I am a fan of Philadelphia Cream Cheese on crackers so these work well for that plus then are nice enough to just eat on their own.

Meal Items

It's long been said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day so having something decent in the morning will help keep you full until lunch. The Dorset Cereals Bircher Muesli (£3.49) is tasty and fulfilling breakfast option that uses finely milled oats and dried fruit that makes a creamy muesli. They originate in Switzerland with the oats being soaked overnight in juice and yoghurt with some grated fruit. This is a great option to add a bit more flavour to the standard bowl of cereal. If you were wanting something quick as a meal while still being able to get the key nutrients, the Aromatic Thai Noodles Nutripot (£2.49) or the Moroccan Couscous Nutripot (£2.49) could be perfect for you. They contain 50% of all 28 vitamins and minerals that you need each day while being really quick and easy to make. Some people live a very busy lifestyle so having something like this that will be a nutritious meal without having to spend ages preparing it are ideal for having 'healthy fast food for life on the go'. 

I do like my sauces for cooking with, so the Tabasco Sweet & Sticky Barbecue Sauce & Marinade (£1.99) gave me some inspiration for a meal. It can be used for both marinading and using as a table sauce for topping your burger. My choice for this sauce was to make pulled chicken and use it as a marinade which worked so well, and I know it would also be great for doing hunter's chicken or to be used at a BBQ. The Geeta's Curry Pastes (£1.00 each) are really good value and perfect for me as I always make my curry with pastes. I received a medium Tikka and medium Rogan Josh pastes which are both created with a special blend of spices, with each paste providing enough to serve two people. Also included which would be great with a curry is the Geeta's Premium Mango Chutney that I love having on the side of the curry to and works particularly well for dipping your poppadoms to add in some more flavour.


Seen as we are drawing closer to Autumn, it's the time when I start to drink more hot drinks, so something like this Clipper Green Tea (£1.59) is a nice refreshing option. The tea leaves are picked from the best and trusted estates to achieve the delicately subtle taste. If you want something cooler but still refreshing then the Get More Multivitamins (£1.45) drink could be for you. They are a good way of topping up your vitamin levels in a handy drink that is made with spring water and natural flavours while having no added sugar. 

There are so many lagers out there today that it might be sometimes hard to choose which one you want. This Mahou Cinco Estrellas (£1.20) is a premium lager with a well balanced flavour and mild taste and would be perfect to enjoy after a busy day at work. If you want something a little different, the Fentiman's Sparkling Lime & Jasmine has quite a bitter taste to start with that is soon balanced out with the lime flavour. I think this would be a good option if you like the Victorian and Rose lemonades. If you would like to sign up to Degustabox then make sure you use the discount code I've got, all you have to do is enter BLDEG15 at the checkout for £7.00 off!

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