As I've been blogging for two and a half years, and also hit my 25,000 follower milestone, I thought it would be a good idea to share how to find blogging opportunities. Whether it be through searching the net, improving your blog or contacting brands, I'll be covering it in this post.

Search on Twitter

A lot of bloggers begin the opportunity hunt by looking on Twitter. There are several ways you can do this to find some collaborations on offer. Firstly look at hashtags, for example, #bloggerswanted and #bloggersrequired. Brands and PRs often use these hashtags to scout for bloggers. Secondly, don't always use a hashtag when searching for opps. If you type in 'bloggers interested' into Twitter, it will come up with tweets that have these words in from brands who may not use hashtags. Do this for 'bloggers wanted' and 'blogging opportunity' and you may find more tweets than you anticipated. Finally, follow brands that have previously tweeted about opportunities to keep up in case they ask again. If they've looked for bloggers once they're more likely to ask again in a few weeks/months time.

Look on Blogging Websites

There are websites out there that allow brands to submit their campaigns and allow bloggers to apply for them, such as Bloggers Required and The Blogger Programme. Often they will have requirements you need to meet before contacting them, such as X amount of followers or X amount of views per month. Keep tabs on these websites as they often update daily and you can find a lot of brilliant brands to work with that often don't look for bloggers themselves.

Contact Brands

Some brands work with bloggers publicly and others don't shout about it. Contacting brands to ask to be added to their lists or even to work with them saves them a job and lets them know that you appreciate the brand. Let them know what the perks of working with you are and what you can offer in return for them. It might be a product review, sponsored post or even social media advertising, but show off your skills. You may have a certain way with words or you might take stunning photographs. If you impress them they'll consider working with you more or inviting you to their events.

Improving your blog and self-promoting

By developing your writing style and focusing on taking high-quality photos, you're one step ahead in creating a successful blog post. From looking at your blog stats on Google Analytics you can tell which posts bring in the most readers and from there, your blog will grow and grow. To help gain more readers, it's obvious that you need to promote it. If a brand clicks onto your blog from say a tweet or an Instagram post and the content impresses them, they may keep you in mind for future campaigns.

Add your blog to your professional profiles

It's well known that blogging can enhance your CV so adding your blog link to it and your professional profiles such as LinkedIn, may well help you gain blogging opportunities or relationships with PR's and businesses. I've had brands contact me from LinkedIn for opportunities, as technically it is my job, which gives them the impression that you're a professional blogger. I pride myself in creating quality content and if a company can see that then you're more likely to gain better collaborations.

Blog about products to impress

Some of the collaborations you'll see on my blog from the last few months are from previous posts where I've reviewed products and really impressed the brand. The products were purchased by myself and blogged about them because I wanted to, and it resulted in an ongoing relationship with the brand and several sister companies. My intentions were simply to impress this brand and hoping to get a like on Instagram but it went further than that and we ended up exchanging several emails. If you're consistent and prove to them that you are an honest blogger with in-depth reviews, you never know what will happen in a result of this.

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