I was asked by Vimto to take part in their baking challenge to come up with something to make use of their new Jelly Beans and anyone who knows me will understand that I love baking so I was more than happy to oblige. Of course, I'm very into watching The Great British Bake Off so it's even more of an excuse to get in the kitchen and see what I can do. After having a think about what to make I ended up going for these cake pops and chocolate slabs and to top it off a Vimto flavoured milkshake. 

These new Vimto Jelly Beans are designed to add bags of bounce to your day with three mouth-watering flavours which include: Original Vimto, Strawberry Vimto and Cherry Vimto. These are the newest addition to the lineup which are also suitable for vegetarians, and are gluten-free, dairy free and pretty much fat free. They could be the perfect little sweet treat to either eat on their own or be included in something such as these cake pops that I made. 

To make the cake pops I mixed up a batch of vanilla cake and added Vimto and purple food colouring to achieve the right taste and colour. Once they were out I let it cool and then made vanilla buttercream, again with food colouring and Vimto. The next step was to crumble the cake into the buttercream while mixing a good helping of the jelly beans into it. After I had rolled them all into cake pop sized balls came the decorating with the sprinkles that you can see covering these sweet treats.

For the slab, it was a quick process of melting white chocolate, adding Vimto and food colouring and then laying it out on a tray. The sprinkles and jelly beans were then added while it was still warm and then it was put in the fridge to cool so I could end up snapping it up into little bite size pieces. If you want to make your own Vimto milkshake, just mix milk with a splash of Vimto and then top it off with either squirty cream or ice cream if you prefer something a little thicker. 

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