If you're like me, you'll have a makeup collection larger than most. With three Muji storage boxes, an Ikea Micke double desk with drawers and half an Ikea Kallax storage system with boxes in, I have such pride in my collection. What happens when you go on holiday? Multiple makeup bags to haul all of your makeup and skincare with you. What would you say if I told you that you could fit it all in one bag? Squiffy Print make personalised items such as makeup bags that are big enough for a whole weeks worth of makeup in. This Personalised Makeup Pouch (£18.50)* is not only great size wise, but you can have whatever you want printed on them, even in glitter!

2 years ago, Jess was printing t-shirts on the weekend to make a bit of extra money. Her imagination flourished and she ventured out into printing funky things on aprons, bags, hoodies and many other products. For the last twelve months she's been an absolute girl boss and had her products seen in Christmas catelogues and even on a national tv advert! Instead of putting her time into more traditional advertising, she wants to shout about her business to influencers to get her products seen by people like myself. Based in Lancashire (shout out to a fellow North Westerner!) she is happy to chat to come up with something you'll love and doesn't think you should be restricted when ti comes to gift giving and items for yourself.

This makeup bag is hand-pressed and you can also include a message inside the pouch if you're buying it for a friend or family member. It's not limited to makeup storage either, and would be perfect for an art enthusiast or a traveller who have a lot of small pieces they need in one place. The bag can be bought in the colour natural which is the one I have, or black with any colour font available. You can also pick silver or gold sparkly print which just screams glam. It would be perfect as a birthday or Christmas present and the delivery was super quick too.

It would mean the world to me if you could support Jess' business Squiffy Print, and there are even Halloween and Christmas themed items on the store right now, so what are you waiting for? Some items have free UK delivery which is music to our ears when it comes to online shopping. I'm head over heels with my new makeup bag and will definitely make it my goal to continue to support Squiffy Print when it comes to buying Christmas presents this year! If you want 20% off this Halloween then use the code CREEP20 to creep it real!

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