Scandinavian brand Woden are all about change, style and passion. They believe in the freedom to challenge the status quo by combining pure Scandinavian style with old-school sneaker anatomy. Woden literally combines the origin of the company - WOrks of DENmark with dreams of bending the rules of style and come up with innovative and unique sneakers. Their shoes are sold in over 500 stores Worldwide and are available to us in the UK in Tessuti.

The Ydun Met Trainers (£80)* are metallic bronze in colour, constructed with a padded cork insole and soft-suede-like lining for maximum durability and comfort. According to Woden, they're an ideal piece for introducing a touch of sports-luxe into your everyday wardrobe. At first I had no idea what to wear with these, but after I kept staring at them in awe and seeing them styled by Woden, I've got a few outfits in mind. When you look at the detail on the shoe, you can tell they've been made with care and will last a very long time, which is surely what most people are looking for when it comes to footwear.

They're not your standard trainer nor are something you think of when you think of trainers, but that's the beauty in them. Not only are they comfortable but they are a bold, statement piece than can be worn with almost anything. They're so unique and it's honestly refreshing to see a new brand when it comes to sportswear. Although I'm a big fan or ticks and trefoils, when it comes to adding a big of glam without being uncomfortable I'm definitely on board with Woden. You can see more of Woden's trainers over on Tessuti's website and I think they've certainly swayed me when it comes to adding colour into my outfits without going neon.