Ever since I picked up my first Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit in Gleam, I've wanted to try out another. Over the past few months I saw other Glow Kits from ABH such as That Glow, Moonchild, Sun Dipped and Sweets but I wasn't fussed on them. There was at least one shade in the palettes that didn't capture my attention, but I looked on the ABH website a few weeks ago and saw a new Glow Kit in Ultimate Glow and knew it was for me. It's $45 to buy and I used a shipping service so it wasn't as cheap as the roughly £36 it converts to due to shipping and customs costs (that may have been due to Colourpop or Bath & Body Works but I'm not too sure). 

Ultimate Glow consists of six limited edition powder highlights available in shimmering and metallic pearl finishes. You can layer them up or wear individually, and can be used anywhere you desire on your face. The shades all compliment each other, as one is a bright white and all the others are of a gold shade. The formula is ultra-fine that claims it won't leave any shimmer particles for a smooth, even glow. 

Inside are three shimmering luster shades: Snow, which is a true icy white with a platinum reflect, White Sand which is a warm beige with gold reflect and Golden Dawn, a warm amber with a gold reflect. The metallic pearl shades are: Sunray which is a warm copper with peach-gold lustre, Amber Gold, a warm rose with gold lustre and Hot Sand which is a warm bronze with an amber lustre.

 It's definitely a palette made for an obvious highlight and is in no way subtle. The formula isn't as light as the Glow Kit in Gleam, and works best with a densly-packed brush. It works so well for eyeshadow too since it's very pigmented and lasts so long on the skin. I feel like it definitely leaves some sparkle on the face which you can see from the swatches above but I don't mind this. I have more subtle highlighters for when I want a hint of glow, but this palette is made for a more intense look. This palette is being released in the UK soon, so people in the US have enjoyed it for a few months ahead of us, but it would be perfect during the summertime. Snow is the perfect shade for the winter, especially on my pale skin but I'll definitely be taking this with me everytime I travel in 2017. For darker skin tones it might suit more of an everyday wear, but I'm going to be using this as an eyeshadow whenever I feel like it, especially using Amber Gold as it's the truest rose gold shade I've seen out there so far.

I can't wait for it to be released in the UK so other beauty bloggers and lovers can get their hands on this. I imagine it will sell out fast too! This is actually a Christmas present for me from my Nan, but I've been allowed to review it before having it back until the 25th. I'm sure over the next few months it will make its way into my favourites and you'll definitely see it in my What I Got For Christmas post!

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