It's been that time of the month that where I get to see what's been sent in this months Degustabox. There look to be some exciting bits in this months box which I was looking forward to trying. This month was more a combination of snacks and drinks, but still has a bunch of good items inside.
As much as I do enjoy ready salted crisps, a pack of properly flavoured thicker crisps would never go a miss. These Pipers Crisps (£2.00) are seasoned with wild thyme and rosemary in their newest flavour. Having a completely different flavour is great to try and something from the standard packet. If you are more of a popcorn person then there are two options in this box. The Butterkist Choc Mallow Popcorn (£1.49) is a sharing bag which would be great for a film night. I'm not a big fan of popcorn unless it's really sweet, so this chocolate one worked really well. 
If you want something slightly different then the Butterkist Sweet Cinema Style Popcorn (28p each/£1.69 multipack). This is a great size if you just fancy a quick snack or have a craving for something sweet. One of the items that went down a treat were the Michel et Augustin (89p) cookie squares. They are made with high quality ingredients and have 4 cookie squares that sit in a row of dark chocolate, who wouldn't love that?

Something I really enjoyed were the Jules Destrooper Butter Crisps (£1.19). A simple combination of butter, sugar, eggs and flour make a very tasty biscuit that has a lovely caramalised flavour. It is great to combine with a cup of tea or have a little sweet snack. Just the packaging on the Hartley's Glitter Jelly drew my eye when I opened the Degustabox as it was so shiny. Anyone who has seen my makeup posts know that I love shimmery things so this jelly was always going to be a winner. I mean come on, it comes with edible glitter, what's not to love about that. 

There were also a couple of options from Ryvita in this months box. I received the Caramalised Ryvita Thins (£1.89) which are a great source of fibre and a nice snack to enjoy in flatbread form. There would be perfect to have with some dip as an alternative to crisps. The other option is the Ryvita Crackers (£1.29) which I received in black cracked pepper. They have a nice crispy texture and are a bit of a healthier snack option. A quick and easy item to add to your meals is the Christian Potier Sauce (£2.50) which are sauces designed by a french chef, that can be used for meat or fish. They come in a really single serve pouch which makes preparing food that bit easier. 

The first drink I went for was the J2O Glitterberry (£2.49/£4 for pack of 4) but once again the shiny packaging drew me in. It was a unique grape and cherry spiced flavour drink with edible glitter. It tasted slightly more like a smoothie than what J2O normally tastes like, and be sure to shake it properly before drinking to make sure the glitter mixes in properly. If fruit juice is more your thing then the Appy Kids Co The Gruffalo Golden Apple Juice (£1.49) is a handy little box for when you fancy a small serving. 
Seen as the cold weather has arrived, I find myself having more and more hot drinks. The Ahmad Tea Ltd (£4.00) have made a dessert-inspired recipies that are infused into black and green teas. They are sugar-free and guilt-free options so can be a tasty yet slightly healthier option. Although I really don't like cinnamon, the Pear and Cinnamon Strudel flavour was quite tasty.

That's it for the Christmas Degustabox. I enjoyed this box with some interesting items included. If you want to sign up for the Degustabox subscripton then be sure to add in the discount code 0GAWD at the checkout to save £7.

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