For someone who loves false lashes, I'm still shocked that until now I hadn't tried Ardell lashes. I'd heard so much about them, especially in the beauty community. gave me the opportunity to try a few pairs out for myself, to see how I liked them. The lashes that arrived were the Ardell Natural Demi Black 120 (£4.49)*, Ardell Invisiband Wispies (£4.49)* and the Ardell Accent 318 Lashes (£4.49)*.

The Wispies lashes are long and come with an 'invisiband' which is an invisible lightweight band that connects the hair strands to form a strip that 'ensures secure corners'. They're crafted by hand so that they're all the same as Ardell values quality. The lashes feel so light on and with having hooded eyes they don't feel like they're too distracting from any eyeshadow or liner I have on too. I try to apply black eyeliner to my tightline when wearing these to make them blend in more, as they are the most dramatic out of the three, despite still looking light and fluttery.

The Demi Wispies are my favourite lashes out of the three. On the inner corners the lashes are shorter, with long ones closer to the central and the longest on the outer edge of the strip. They're easy to apply with tweezers, especially on the inner corner because of the lash length. The inner corner has always been the place where I've struggled when applying lashes, but this shape makes it so easy.

The Accent lashes are perfect for everyday use as they're half the width. I wear them on the outer edge of my eye, as close to my natural lashes as possible for the best look. With being only half the size, they're incredibly easy to apply and I was told it didn't look obvious I had false lashes on which was a huge compliment. I'd wear Accent lashes every day if I could, and they work really well with different mascaras too. 

Along with having plenty of Ardell lashes on their website, FalseEyelashes have other brands available online too, such as Eylure, Kiss, Noveau, Cherry and many more. The website is really easy to use and it makes me so happy to say that customers get free first class postage on every order to the UK. With delivery being one of those things you don't like extra charges for, having free delivery is like a godsend these days. I'm in love with the Ardell lashes I've reviewed today, and I'd encourage you to have a look on the website to see if there are any lashes you would pick up from there. 
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