I love setting myself milestones to pass as it's a great way to keep yourself on track and aim higher each month. I've previously written about my 2016 Blog Goals and revisited them to see what I've achieved. This year I'm setting similar targets but with a few added extras as I'm starting to work on my blog close to full time (although not earning full time yet) so this is definitely a goal I'm trying to hit.
Blog Content
I'm hoping to write mostly about beauty again this year, with more chatty and opinion posts too. I've been getting more vocal on Twitter and I hosted two #lbloggers chats in 2016 so I'd love to combine the two to create more lifestyle content and host more chats. I was confident enough to post about my implant experience so hopefully I'll be writing more about lifestyle, advice and blogging this year.
My beauty content went sky high last year, with some well received posts so I'm aiming high and hoping to create more unique, eye-catching and interesting beauty posts. I've stopped writing about skincare as much as I'd rather focus on makeup and hair since I read those posts the most too. As I will be buying my first mortgaged house this year, (fingers crossed if all things go to plan!) so I'll be writing more about interiors too.
Whilst the biggest improvement with my photography so far has been in 2016, I'm hoping to use different backgrounds and props in my photos. If money allows I'll invest in another Olympus Pen lens to create higher quality photography. I'd be open to even creating stock photos to sell to if I improve further. 
I've tried to include more travel posts this year, even including some vlogs too! I'd love to collaborate with a brand or two for some travel content to write about and vlog as one of my biggest loves is exploring. This would also include more food reviews potentially since dining out is something I won't be able to do much whilst saving for a deposit on a house.
I'd love to work with some big beauty brands to create not only blog content but more Instagram comment too. I feel like my Insta feed has vastly improved so working on content exclusively to there would be a fantastic opportunity. I've had so many exciting collaborations and campaigns on the blog this year that I'm really looking forward to what 2017 brings!
I'm aiming even higher than this year, and going to include a combined following goal since I hit a big milestone of 30,000 combined in 2016. By the end of 2017 it would be amazing to hit the big 50k and feel that with hard work I could achieve this.
For Twitter I'd love to pass 10,000 followers, especially since I'm only 2.5k away now. For Instagram, I want to aim really high but since I've found it's one of the hardest platforms to gain followers on, I'm going to aim towards 5k. Pinterest holds my biggest following of 15k+ but growth has been slower over the past few months, so I'll aim in between 20k-25k and hope for the best. I'm not going to set a Bloglovin goal since I'm barely ever on it anymore as I prefer to share content on social media and connect with bloggers this way too. If I ever hit 2k there I will be happy!
I actually completed two online courses in 2016; Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing diplomas which I'm using to help my blog and social media content but I'd love to do a HTML. Photoshop, Web Design or Photography online course as I think they would help give the blog an extra boost. I'd love to be able to design my blog myself in the future but I'm not sure this would be achievable by the end of the year.