I can't believe I'm onto the fourth installment of Blogs I'm Loving Right Now! I try to do one every month, where I pick out my current favourite blogs and the reasons why, but if you haven't seen them yet click through for posts one, two and three.
I already love watching Amelia's vlogs which she includes in her posts, but she writes a whole range of different posts, from theatre reviews, travel/holiday posts, beauty picks and more. She's one of the most genuine people I've came across this year and I'm thoroughly enjoying having a catch up with her blog.
Fashion For Lunch
If you're looking for stunning photographs, this is a blog you need to have a nose at. I am seriously jealous at how aesthetically pleasing her blog is, and I love the range of topics that's covered!
Chapters Of Kat
Kat is so lovely, and her blog is so bright and Instagram worthy. Aside from writing about beauty, travel and fashion, she also talks about mental health which is something you don't see much of these days. and it's inspiring me to start plucking up the courage to writing about it myself. If you're looking for amazing content from a down to earth gal, go read Kat's blog.
As You Wish
I only discovered Georgie's blog a few months ago on Instagram but her wishlist and gift guide choices are some of the best I've seen. Her posts make me want to buy so many things as she's such an enabler!
Hannah Heartss
Hannah has been blogging since early 2013 and I've been reading her blog for as long as I can remember. She's one of the first bloggers I spoke to when I set my own blog up a year later and I've always looked up to her beauty posts because of her photos and the way she writes. 
Becky Bedbug
Although Becky has been blogging since 2011, I only knew about her blog when I first signed up to Twitter. She writes about books, travel, style, beauty and more, and I've gone to both herself and her blog for advice before. I look up to her for a variety of reasons and if you don't already know about Becky Bedbug, I'd be quite surprised.
Style Lingua
Carolin from Style Lingua blogs about fashion, film, lifestyle and more. Her outfit photos are stunning, showing off pieces from someone who has a similar taste in fashion like myself. She's absolutely lovely and I'm yet to meet her!
Tea Party Beauty
Hayley's blog is so professional. and her photos give me so much inspiration. She is a gem in herself, creating the Bloggers Blog Awards and her blogging tips posts are very informative and I try to send newer bloggers to those posts if they're stuck. 
Raspberry Kiss
I absolutely love Shannon's beauty posts, and her photos are so feminine and pretty. She even has her own shop, where she sells pretty jewellery pieces.
Little Miss Katy
Katy's blog is colourful and features lifestyle, travel, food and style posts. I love reading her food posts, whether it be reviewing restaurants, creating recipes or just appreciating food in general. I can't recall really speaking to Katy so I'll have to change that!
British Beauty Blogger
Jane's blog is one of my favourites, and one of the blogs I read the most. She was previously a journalist, she's written four beauty books and now she writes her beauty blog to review products and talk about makeup. I watch every single Facebook Live video she puts up as she's so informed about products and the beauty world in general.
The Little Blog Of Beauty
I've been reading Becky's blog for ages and she's such a supportive person. She's one of the most intelligent people I've came across, holding a PhD to her name whilst writing about beauty. Her blog header is so pretty and I need to speak to her more! 
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