A few weeks back myself and Andy took a trip to London and picked up a few items whilst we were there. We also stopped off at Bicester Village on the way to break the journey up, so I obviously had a wander round and found myself in Estée Lauder's 'The Cosmetic Company Store' to pick up some bargains. We also have a vlog on the way so keep your eyes peeled for that!

I was on a budget, given that it's Christmas and all, so I decided just to go to the Mac Cosmetics section in the Cosmetics Company Store in Bicester Village en route to London. I normally visit the one in Cheshire Oaks but I never end up buying Mac items from it since it's got limited stock and everyone rushes to this area first. I picked up two lip liners in Ruby Woo and Whirl to match my lipsticks that I already had for £9.25 each. I originally had no plans to pick up a lipstick, but since Velvet Teddy was there and I was yet to try out the hype, I went for it since it was only £11. The last item I picked up was totally unexpected, but since I had previously done my Fragrance Direct Makeup Haul and I had guessed my shade in NC15 correctly there, I picked up the Studio Fix Fluid Foundation at a steal for £15.50. When I got to the till the lady actually mentioned that on the day they had an extra 10% off so my total came to £40.50 when full price it would have cost £63.50, so not a bad saving!

When I was actually in London I thought 'I better get to the Lush store on Oxford Street!' all happy and jolly until I got there and realised 1. how big the store was and 2. how packed it would be, as it was three weeks before Christmas. I fully intended to scope out what was there, what was exclusive to the store and so on, but because there were so many products it gave me a huge headache from the scents they were giving off. I knew I wanted to try Snow Fairy (£7.95) for the first time so I picked that up, and I quickly found the bath items and picked up the Shoot For The Stars bath bomb (£4.25) and the Magic Wand Bubble Bar Wand (£5.95). Whilst I was queuing for the tills, an employee asked if I wanted to buy a Hand & Body Lotion sample for charity for £1 and even though I knew I probably wouldn't use the sample itself, I wanted to give to charity anyway so why not.

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