I'm only just beginning my wedding series so for this post I thought I'd put together a basic guide to planning a wedding before going in depth into certain areas. If you've not been involved in the planning process behind a wedding before, here are some tips to get you started.


When two people get married one of the main things is what they will wear. Whether it's a long gown, full suit, above the knee dress or a jumpsuit, you need to decide what you want to wear and whether you'll be renting or buying. There are plenty of different options on the market to suit your budget, and if you're getting out outfit from a bridal/groom store, you'll need fittings to find out your measurements. The earlier you plan your outfits out the better.


Buying wedding bands are a personal thing and you can really shop around for them. I have rose gold in mind and will be checking out high street jewellers and Etsy stores for a ring that suits me and fits around an engagement ring. You can get wedding rings engraved too which is such a lovely touch!


There are a few things that come to mind when choosing a venue. First, what type of wedding do you want? Will you have your whole day based in one place or have the reception held in a separate place? Then it comes to aesthetic; do you want a vintage country wedding or a white marquee wedding? In relation to this, you need to bear in mind your guest list size to suit. 


Pictures can speak a thousand words, and that's why you need to choose a good wedding photographer. Don't limit your budget when it comes to photography because your photos will last a lifetime and you don't want to be disappointed because you can't turn back time. Make sure you allow enough budget for a high-quality photographer whose style of photos you like and is free to photograph on the date you've selected.

Colour Scheme

Not everyone has a scheme but it makes sense to have a loose theme such as pastels, deep colours or brights. I'm still torn between mauves, blues and corals so I might choose to have flowers in all three colours, and choose to have the wedding party match one of the colours to help it tie in together. 


Again this another personal thing and will depend on your individual circumstances. Whether you've been saving up or someone is contributing, you need a budget in order to not overspend. If you can work down a list of importance, spending the majority of the budget on venue, attire and photography, you can alter your budget to suit things like invitations and table decorations. You could make the seating cards yourself or use faux flowers to save money. 


To keep in with the budget you should write down who you want in your wedding party early on. Decide who will be in the wedding party to then decide their attire and roles during the day. If you're having children at the wedding you could add in page boys and flower girls too.

Guest List

You may think from the start that choosing your guest list will be an easy job, but I can assure you it isn't. I've been involved in a few weddings over the years and I think the guest list is up top on the tricky decisions list. Your venue and guest list need to match up to make sure you can provide food and drinks for your invittees but you should stick to a number you're happy with. If a relative is pushing you to invite a distant friend or family member but you're not happy with it, don't agree. You'll be spending money on their meal and subsequent drinks when it's your wedding, not theirs. Be firm with your decisions and make sure that you'll thoroughly enjoy your day. 

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