I have a slight obsession with Too Faced Palettes as have every 'bar' palette so far. It started Christmas 2015 when I got the original Chocolate Bar Palette and I fell in love with the shade selection and the pigmented formula of the eyeshadows inside. A few months later I bought myself the Chocolate Bon Bons Palette and loved the heart shaped pans and the pink packaging. For my last birthday I received the Semi-Sweet Palette with these shades really complimenting my complexion and I knew by this point I would have to get every bar palette since I loved those three so much. So for Valentine's Day, Andy bought me the Sweet Peach Palette (£39.00) and oh my I was in heaven. I took photos as soon as I opened it and have since been trying out the shades to see whether they meet up to my expectations.

This palette is different since it is a fruit inspired palette, so it has a peachy theme but also smells like peaches which reminds me of those Love 2 Love Bears that I had in the 90's. The palette contains 18 shades of all the same size with light coral and peach shades to bronzes and deep purples so it's perfect for all year round. I found that since using the ABH Modern Renaissance Palette I've been using the bright shades more often which encouraged me to go bold and brave when using this palette. 

The shades really vary with this palette with multiple finishes. White Peach is as close to white as you could get with great pigmentation and a really blendable, creamy texture. I use this all over the lid and up to the brow bone as a base shade like I usually do with every palette. Nectar is a light honey-peach shade with a pearly finish but I've not used it that much. Peaches 'N Cream is a really pale pink matte shade that is another great base shade. Luscious is a bronze metallic shade with copper undertones and is one of the prettiest shades in the palette. Cobbler is a brown shimmery shade that is darker than Luscious with a more taupe undertone. Georgia is a mauve-pink with a matte finish which I use underneath the bright peach shades to really build up that colour. It also looks great blended into the shades in the Modern Renaissance palette too. Just Peachy is a shimmery pink with gold undertones which needs a few applications to really make it bold. Candied Peach is a micro-glitter eyeshadow that is a peachy-pink and the best shade in this palette in my opinion. Caramelized is a bronze-brown frosted shade that I've not worn as much but would look great on most people. 

Bless Her Heart is an olive green shade with brown undertones with a frosted finish. It's cooler than the other brown shades. Bellini is another peachy-pink shimmer with golden undertones that is stunning as a lid colour. Puree is a red-toned caramel that's matte and perfect as a crease or outer-v shade. Tempting is the darkest shade in the palette and is almost black with a pearl finish. Peach Pit is a golden-undertoned purple with a shimmery pearl finish. Summer Yum is similar to Puree but a more brick/terracotta shade that is again another great transition shade. Charmed, I'm Sure is a chocolate matte brown that is quite powdery but great in the outer-v. Delectable is a deep purple warm undertones and a satin finish. Talk Derby To Me is blue-purple with pinky-gold shimmer, and another shade I've not used so much.

The only issue I have with this palette is that I wish there were a few more peach shades. I would happily switch out Tempting and one of the shimmery brown shades like Bless Her Heart or Cobbler in place of a darker peach shade and a completely matte peach. Nonetheless, the palette has some stunning shades and I've been picking it up almost every time I wear makeup. The packaging itself reflects the shades inside and I adore the ombré look. I'd hope in the future Too Faced would bring out another fruit inspired palette with similar packaging too.

The shades didn't disappoint, being creamy and blendable. I always wear a primer underneath eyeshadow and with it they lasted all day until I removed all of my makeup. I definitely want to get my hands on the Sweet Peach Glow Highlighting Palette to go with it as the colours look stunning.

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