When it comes to travelling, city break and exploring trips are where my heart is. In 2011 when I had the chance to go to Berlin with my Sixth Form, I leapt at the chance. I've always been a huge history lover and although my studies in the subject ceased when I finished my A-Levels, I've continued to take an interest in the past and would love to go back to Berlin in the future. I thought I'd show some snaps taken on an old digital camera of the Berlin Wall, the Reichstag, Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial, Unter den Linden, Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp and the House of the Wannsee Conference.

It's been on my bucket list to do the whole trip again without tour guides just to see places for longer and explore some other places too. I really enjoyed the trip and the two tour guides we had over the four days we were there were amazing but I could not do a three hour walking tour again due to my since diagnosed chronic illnesses. I didn't include more photos of Sachsenhausen just to the sensitive nature but it's worth visiting and really opens your eyes to how atrocious the Holocaust was. If you have any suggestions of places to visit next time I go to Berlin I'd love to hear them!

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