I'm a huge fragrance lover, my desk filled with such stunning bottles and scents. This time I'm reviewing the Katie Price Purple Heart Fragrance (£20.00)* which is a limited edition feminine fragrance designed for younger women with a bright purple bottle to catch the eye at first glance. It's a sweet fragrance with strong notes which makes it different to most fragrances on the market.

I believed this is a more evening fragrance, with notes of raspberry, bitter orange, patchouli, and honey which reflects the name and packaging well. At first it's sweet but it evolves on the skin to develop into a strong, bittersweet scent. Although it's not my go-to scent, it's definitely growing on me over time. The bottle is what stands out most, with an ombré effect clear to purple colour in an imperfect shape which represents the human heart in my eyes, not being the symmetrical <3 shape you see on designs. I wish the box packaging was as stunning as the bottle as they don't match up to me, with the box making it look less expensive than the bottle. Other than that, it's a lovely fragrance and is available online at Tam Beauty
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