It's no secret that I love dying my hair. I've gone from colours like dark blue to hot pink, pastel lilac to platinum and seemingly everything in between. Most of the colours I tend to dye my hair are semi permanent which is great if you like changing your hair often. This time I've used the Crazy Color Semi Permanent Color Cream in Silver (£4)* and used both bottles as my hair is pretty long. 

It's really easy to use and to apply it I emptied it out into a dye bowl and applied it with a dye brush but it would be just as easy to use the tube itself. Since my roots are natural and I previously had balayage done through the lengths I knew the colour would only take to the pre-lightened hair, which is the outcome I desired. The colour came out even all over and I'm incredibly happy with the result.

If I wanted to keep the colour over time, I could use products such as the Vibrant Shampoo (£4.50) and the Rainbow Color Care Conditioner (£4.95). Although I've previously worked in a hair salon, I'm confident you can achieve this look at home too. If you're thinking of changing up your hair colour, check out their website where they have 27 different colour available along with other products like bleaching kits to aid you in achieving your desired look. I'm definitely going to be stocking up on some more colours for whenever I feel like a change!

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