I'm someone who really takes pride in their hair, and from working in a salon a few years ago I've picked up some tips to help you make the most of your locks and keep them healthy.


One key tip to maintaining healthy hair is to keep it hydrated. Dehydrated hair is broken to breaks and is harder to brush and style. I previously dyed my hair near enough to a black shade and then decided I wanted to go back to light blonde and it took its toll on my hair. I had to get my hair cut from waist length into a lob to bring it back to life which upset me since I'd always been so kind to my hair. Products like hair masks or good conditioners can revitalise the hair and give it the moisture it needs to be healthy.


I need to utilise this trick more myself but trimming the hair regularly or having your style cut back in helps prevent breakage. I never used to believe people when the said trimming the hair every few months allows your hair to grow longer as you'd think the opposite. Trimming the ends takes off any split ends which makes the hair stronger and allow it to grow better.


Sometimes at-home remedies aren't enough, and further treatments such as hair transplants are required. Advanced Tricho Pigmentation Treatment works to replicate the appearance of naturally growing hair follicles for people with little to no hair. It provides the most natural results as possible and can even be used in the brow area to replicate realistic results. It works in a similar way to getting a tattoo and can be used on people with thinning hair to create the illusion of thicker hair too which is great. 


If you dye your hair like myself, if you're buying the products yourself you need to look into what the right dye is for you. If you create pastel shades on yourself try to go with semi-permanent colours as they wash out and you won't have to strip the hair of colour to remove it. Toners are another great way to change your hair colour without damaging it and there are some great ones on the high street for an affordable price. I would recommend visiting a hair salon if you're looking to bleach the hair or remove colour.

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