It's been that time for testing out the products on offer from this months Degustabox*. This box contained a mix of brands I'd had tried out before and some that I'd never seen at all. If you want to have a look through some other posts to check out what's been in other months boxes you can see them here.

Meal Items

The Garofalo Whole Wheat Penne Pasta (£2.19) was a good cupboard filler as it's always handy to have some pasta as I can use it with a number of different meals. It's made with unprocessed whole organic durum wheat which means that its natural bran, germ, fibre, vitamins and minerals remain intact which give it health benefits. An interesting inclusion was the GOOD HEMP Hemp Seed Hearts (£4.49) which are high in Protein, Fibre and Omega 3. They are free from nuts and gluten and are great for sprinkling on cereal, yogurt, salads and stir fries. I've added a small amount to meals and you don't really notice them which makes it an easy way to make your food that little bit healthier. The last meal item was the Dorset Cereals (£4.89) which I received in the Machu Picchu flavour. It's a blend of oats and barley with brazil nuts, golden berries and a taste of coffee. This pack of muesli is a little different to some of your normal cereal so may be good to go for if you want to change up your morning meal.

Snack Items

One of my favourite snacks from this box were the Seabrook Lattice Crisps (£1.50 - £1.99). I've tried their other ranges before but there was just something about the thin lattice design that makes them taste so nice. There are sliced both ways to hold even more sea salt and black pepper flavour, giving them that distinctive crunch. Something a little more on the healthier side are the Nothing But freeze-dried fruits (2 x £1.20) which come in handy snack packs. They contain nothing but 100% wholesome ingredients and lose nothing apart from water when they are frozen due to their special freeze-drying process. Being suitable for vegetarian, vegan and gluten free diets is an added bonus. One product I had never seen before was the Doisy & Dam's Quinoa, Smoked Tea & Vanilla Chocolate (£1.75). It's certainly one of the longest product names I've come across and is created by soaking the nutty Bolivian popped quinoa in a secret smoky infusion, before being combined with organic Dominican 39% milk chocolate. 

Polos have been around for years now and normally come in a paper wrapping which was rather annoying, so it was nice to see they finally come in a convenient pot. The POLO Sugar Free Pot (£1.49) are flavoured with natural mint oils to help refresh your breath while being accredited by the Oral Health Foundation as being kind to teeth. When I noticed the Whitworths Full of Super Vanilla Maca-roons (£1.50) I was intrigued as I enjoy coconut flavoured items. They are crammed with almonds, flakes of coconut and golden flax seeds while being naturally high in fibre and Pantothenic Acid which aids mental performance. They were a great quick snack to enjoy that would fill you up despite their small size. Something different to the other choices in this box were the ViPnuts (£1.25) which I received in the Hot Chilli flavour. In short they are the gourmet peanut brands that offer a chilli kick and depth of flavour.


The first bottle included in this Degustabox was the Fentimans Pink Grapefruit Tonic Water. As we are getting towards summer, having a refreshing drink always comes in handy. To enjoy this at it's best I prefer to stick it in the fridge as the chilled taste makes it that bit nicer. The other drink was the CELIA Organic Lager (£2.49) which is brewed using just three ingredients. It's a premium craft Czech lager which I'm sure my boyfriend will enjoy as I'm more of a cider kind of girl. That's all for the April Degustabox which was quite a mixed one this month. It seems like quite a few items were trying to cater to multiple dietary needs, however this doesn't apply to me. There were only a few products that really jumped out to me this month. If you want to get your own Degustabox then make sure you use my discount code 0GAWD to get £7.00 off!

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