I've always loved travelling. There is just something about exploring new places that just attracts me to it. Having been on a number of different trips over the years, from quick breaks in Berlin to a more recent trip to Los Angeles last year. I've experienced trips from a night away to nearly two weeks laid next to the pool in the hot sunshine. Short breaks seem to the right combination of time away with keeping busy. I feel like they are where I'm at my happiest when I go away, as I can get quite a bit done without worrying about trying to find things to pass and fill the time.

I've recently booked to go away to Poland for a few days which I'm really excited about. I'm not going to lie, it was a rather random booking as we thought of the ideas one afternoon and by the evening we'd booked the flights and hotel. Wanderlust seemed to strike as I was looking through Twitter and saw some photos of someone's recent holiday.

When you want to book somewhere to go away it would be great to have a quick option to do this. Cheapflights have launched a free-to-install extension for Google Chrome called EscEscape that utilises that escape button that you probably rarely use. Once installed, if you tap escape key (Esc) twice it launches a live flight search to find you the cheapest, quickest and smartest return flights to nearby destinations. It will open in another browser tab and bring up the cheapest option for a weekend break within the next eight weeks, and if you don't like the look of it, double-tap that escape key again to give another choice. Don't worry if you use Safari, you haven't been forgotten as an extension is in the pipeline.

Spontaneous trips can often be the best as you don't spend ages trying to decide where to go as you may never end up booking it. Particularly for short breaks, having less of a strict plan about where you want to go could open up opportunities to visit some amazing places that you would never have previously thought about. Spontaneity will come down to your gut feeling about the location you are trying to book, and for me, I'd say that my gut feeling is normally right, so I guess it won't be long before I book another trip away...

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