Although I've not been a student now for two years, I wanted to write about my experience at Northumbria University, given that it's only two months away until the Autumn semester begins. This week it's results day, and aside from those who have already chosen Northumbria as their firm or insurance choice, there is also Clearing at Northumbria University. They have a limited number of spaces for high quality students so it's well worth checking out before getting your results if you're thinking of studying there.

Northumbria University is based in Newcastle Upon Tyne in the city centre. I studied Law LLB and in my first year lived in Glenamara House with 6 other students and had an amazing time. I chose my course based upon wanting to be a solicitor (which is no longer the case) but it's taught me so many skills and it's a great course to have on your CV. Had I not had chosen Law, Marketing would have been my next choice. For accommodation, I chose to live in flats with two shared bathrooms (or a non-suite as I call it) which worked well for me and my flatmates. It was a five minute walk to lectures and a further five minutes to Primark which is basically where I spent the rest of my time. I've created plenty of posts about my time in Uni, especially since I began this blog halfway through my second year, which are linked below.

Clearing Hotline: 0800 085 1085

If you like the look of Northumbria University, here is a bit of information below about the Clearing Process. 

The Process
You're eligible to go through UCAS Clearing if you're not holding any offers (firm or insurance) from your initial UCAS applications, you applied after 30th June, you do not have a confirmed place from your firm or insurance course, you've declined all of your choices or you have been declined by default, you have not withdrawn your application and have paid the full application fee of £23. If you have made a single choice application, you can pay £11 to apply to other universities through Clearing. If you're eligible for UCAS Clearing then UCAS will give you a Clearing Number which you can access by logging into your UCAS Track account.

Things you need to know before ringing up:
You have to call yourself, it cannot be someone ringing on your behalf
You have your UCAS personal ID number and your clearing number handy
You know the title and UCAS code of the course you're interested in studying 
Have all the details of your qualifications which include GCSEs
Be prepared to talk to the admissions tutor and answer questions about why you want to choose this course
Have pen and paper or a laptop to take notes
Think of questions you may want to ask

If you're offered a place through Clearing you'll be notified by email, and your place is only open for 48 hours.

The university has over 5,000 bedrooms in their residences and are working with referral partners to ensure that they can guarantee accommodation to every student that goes through clearing. Once you accept your offer you will receive log in details to the portal where there is an accommodation widget where you can reserve a room based on your preferences. You will receive your accommodation offer within the next few days.

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Good luck to everyone receiving their results this week, and I hope to see you joining NU!

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