When it comes to choosing your next phone, there are a bunch of facts to consider. Will the camera be good enough for those Instagram shots? Will there be enough storage to hold your screenshots and WhatsApp conversations? What operating system do I want? There seem to be two boats; the Android boats and the Apple boats. Now I've actually been on both sides, starting out with two HTC smartphones and two Samsung smartphones over the years, and it's only been my last two phones where I've had iPhones. What I'm looking for in my next phone is increased storage space, a better camera and to have all the apps that I need on it for blogging and social media. 

Mobile Phone Checker is a new mobile phone comparison checking website that allows you to look at a bunch of the latest phones and see what deals are best for you. I've had an iPhone 5s and an iPhone 6s, but when it comes to my next upgrade I'm torn between the regular iPhones and the Plus versions. When you click on a phone, the website tells you the relevant information and specifications, but you can also check out phone contracts that run alongside it if you're looking to pay monthly like I am. I learned from this website that the cameras are actually different, and before I had just thought that the Plus was more expensive as it was a bigger phone.

There are plenty of phones to compare; from Sony Xperias to Motorola Motos to Samsung Galaxys. The website looks at Sim-Free phones, PayG Sims, Amazon Warehouse Deals and more. I know that come February next year I'll be looking at the website to see whether I'm better off upgrading or getting a whole new contract. I'm completely out of the loop when it comes to Android phones now, but with the phones all in one place you don't have to search for long to find what you're looking for.

What phone will you be buying next?

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