I've always been into my home decor and love decorative items to put around the house. This Fiesta Flamingo Light (£35.00) from Prezzybox is a nice little addition to my bedroom as it's a pretty piece to have and actually comes in useful as a lamp. The XL Carnival light could be perfect to be used at a celebration event when you want something a little different to have on display, or you can have it out all of the time if you don't mind quirky things to give the room a bit of life. 

Standing at 52cm, this flamingo light is actually much larger than I was expecting. It contains 12 LED lights across the metal fuchsia pink structure which give off a surprisingly bright glow. I've used this light during the day as a decorative piece, as well as in the evenings as a low-light lamp when I just want a warm glow in the room. A bonus of this flamingo light is that it only takes 3 x AA batteries (not included) to power it so there is no mains power connection needed. This makes it much easier to place the lamp wherever you want as you don't have to work around plug socket locations.

I think this light would be perfect for a number of occasions and is quite reasonable in price for its size. It could a perfect gift for someone who either loves flamingos or just anything that is unique and wants to add a bit of colour into the room. Using this as a prop at themed events would work really well, or even decorating your room with something a little different to the many standard lights out there. I can definitely see myself finding a proper place for this when I move into my own house and will be sure to take it with me to have a spot in my beauty room.

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