I'm never normally one to do spontaneous trips as I like to have things planned out right down to the last detail. I normally like to have things pencilled in for each day so that I know what I'll be doing while I'm away. When choosing destinations, I'd normally pick somewhere larger and more touristy like Krakow but I was really happy that we decided to go to Szczecin. It was a nice little town that gave you a real experience of what life was like in a typical Polish place while trying out the traditional foods.

We flew from Liverpool John Lennon Airport and managed to park right next to the terminal in the airport car park which was convenient and saved us time, although we did get a little wet walking from the car. We'd already been a little stressed as we were flying with Ryanair during their cancellation fiasco but luckily our flight was okay.

I was very happy that I tried Pierogies, spoke to some Polish people, explored the Szczecin Underground Routes saw some amazing views from the top of the Cathedral. The town's pretty modern as it was rebuilt after WW2 and it would be interesting to see how the architecture would compare to somewhere older in Poland. It's definitely made me want to see more of Poland and other Eastern European cities. 
*Parking was paid for by LJLA.