Pretty lingerie is something that can change your mood. Putting on a good fitting bra with matching underwear can make you feel more confident and happy, and that's certainly what has happened with me. As someone who finds it really difficult to find a bra, having brands that make D+ bras make my life a lot easier. I do tend to go for more t-shirt bras as they suit my bust more and I very rarely have them showing. Hunkemoller has bras in this range from £18 to £40 to suit your requirements, whether it be wired or underwired, which strap type you want or the material they're made from.

I chose the Yvonne set as at the time the weather was a tad warmer and I always tend to pick floral items. The bra fits well which is great news straight off the bat since G cup bras are obviously at the bottom end of the scale as Hunkemoller stock up to H cup, and most places don't tend to go belong n F in DD+ ranges. This bra is the standard fit for a t-shirt bra but feels better than cheaper alternatives I've tried before, on both the straps and inside the cup.

I do love a good lingerie set, even if it's only really myself that will see me in it, I know that I'm matchy-matchy underneath my clothes. I'm often too lazy to bother wearing a matching set or matching sets are far too expensive when you're buying a DD+ bra. The bra alone when buying online is usually £30 and then because you're buying from a DD+ range not extended sizes from regular bras, you pay £15+ for the matching knickers/thong. If you're going to separate bra sizes instead of extending them, at least make them affordable. Hats off to Hunkemoller for providing affordable bras.

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