Being born in 1993, I was very much a 90's kid. There are a lot of things I remember about growing up such as watching Clueless, which is now one of my favourite all time films. I always found myself being drawn to Cher's character, probably because of the blonde hair and dress sense. I actually own a yellow check skirt that matches what she wore all those years ago. Other parts of the 90's style, such as the bright clothing, various shades of pink and a lot of dungarees and pinafores fitted in with my entire wardrobe. Looking back at old photos of me as a child, I was often pictured in a top with denim dungarees over the top. Music for me at the time was dominated by a few bands such as Britney Spears, S Club 7, Steps and in particular the Spice Girls, whom I began listening to when I was a little kid and never looked back.

Walkers, the UK's favourite crisp brand, has teamed up with the Spice Girls to run a competition to claim the title of "best ever fan" and win VIP tickets to a Spice Girls concert, an exclusive meet & greet and 5* accommodation and travel. The Spice Girls released 'Wannabe', their first single, in 1996 that went to the top of the charts in 37 countries and their first album 'Spice' sold over 31 million copies across the globe. After releasing 13 singles, 3 studio albums along with picking up a range of awards, they are reuniting for a stadium tour. This is going to be the first time they are back on stage together since the London 2012 Olympics. Their tour started on the 24th May in Dublin and stops off at a number of other cities to then finish in London on the 15th June. This competition is now closed.

Baby Spice has always been my favourite, partly due to me having a very similar hair and complexion. Even when she is pictured above with pink hair, it still reminds me of my pink hair phase I had a few years ago. Click on the video below to see what happened when the Spice Girls went to surprise the 'number one Spice Girls fan'.

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