The summer holidays are getting underway for many of us after looking forward to them for many months. Increased temperatures, bright days and the chance to get out in the sun is why it's such a great time of year. Getting summer beauty ready is something you'll be thinking about in preparation for your travels and finding the items you need is something that you want to be an easy process. I've been working with Coliseum Shopping Park to help you get everything you'll need for the summer season. It's located in Ellesmere Port and is really easy to get to from places such as Liverpool, Warrington, Chester, North Wales and other similar areas. I picked up a few items from Debenhams, Boots & Superdrug when I was there recently to help me achieve a summer glow along with some more essentials for the summer months. Some skincare bits I purchased were the Superdrug Deep Action Shine Control Solution to help maintain a natural glow by limiting the oil on my skin, with the Superdrug Deep Action Blemish Solution to help to clear up my skin. 

The Saddle Sore Soothing Balm is designed to help nourish your skin and can be used after you have shaved or waxed. Concealer is a staple product in many makeup bags and can be a saviour to have with you while you're out in case of accidental smudges of your makeup, with the Collection Concealer I bought lasting up to 16 hours you can rely on it to stay put. These Eylure Enchanted Eyelashes I chose were exactly the style I prefer and the featherlight feel makes them perfect for this time of year. The last few bits I picked up were to help with my skincare, the Simple Micellar Water for removing my makeup, St Ives Apricot Scrub to exfoliate for glowing skin along with the Naturally Radiant Brightening Eye Cream coming in handy to apply at night to brighten and smooth the eye area and also reduce signs of fatigue. I also bought a T-zone Holographic Peel Off Mask that is designed to moisturise and brighten the skin. Even while you've got it on your skin you'll appear to have a glow. The Garnier SPF50 Sensitive Advanced Sun Cream will come in useful throughout the summer as it is important to protect your skin even if you want a glowing tan. 

Makeup will help you to achieve that summer glow and there are a range of things you can pick from the stores in Coliseum to help you get the look you want. Summer makeup could be light, fresh and effortless to show off your natural glow or alternatively, you could go for something with really bright and bold colours which could tie in with more festival-style looks. This could be eyeshadows, highlighter, lip gloss, glitter or all these to pull off that summer look with the help of your makeup.  

Fragrances are something else that you'll switch up for the summer season to get a more floral, fruity and vibrant scent. A perfume like the Marc Jacobs Daisy Love Eau So Sweet has white raspberry top notes, daisy tree petal heart notes and sugar musks base notes to give a sweet freshness that is ideal for summer. Finding the perfect scent for you can often be a hard choice when there are so many available, so being able to test the perfumes while shopping at Coliseum stores such as Debenhams, Boots and Superdrug allows you see if you like the scent before purchasing.

Skincare is another part of getting ready for the warmer months and there is a range of products to help you with this. Cleansing your skin will help with applying makeup and gives it a better chance of staying put on those long hot days. Wearing suncream while out in the sun is something that very important to ensure you protect your skin and also let you achieve a healthy tan. Using products such as aftersun will also make sure your skin can recover properly, so be sure to pick up these products when browsing in the shops. I've dyed my hair a number of colours over the previous years and it has often been this time of year that I've decided to do it. Getting a more summery colour might be something you're interested in, whether this is for your holiday, a festival or just because you fancy a change. Styling your hair using items such as the Mark Hill Tongs can help your hair to look bouncy and shiny.

When shopping at Coliseum Shopping Park, there are a number of different makeup counters within Boots and Debenhams where you can get help and advice on the products you are looking at buying so you can ensure you pick up what's right for you. This could be deciding on a new perfume, picking out some new lippy or getting matched for your foundation so that you can come away happy. If you're looking to get summer beauty ready, it's definitely worth heading to Coliseum Shopping Park for all the bits you need and when you're done shopping you could head over to the cinema or restaurants located on the same complex.

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