Lashes are a staple item that many people wear on a regular basis, whether this is using more subtle and natural ones or going for a bolder pair for events. As I have hooded eyes, people have previously made derogatory comments about the appearance of my eyes which has made me self conscious. Since then, I have found that wearing the right lashes can really open up your eyes and has definitely helped to boost my confidence. There are numerous different options when it comes to buying lashes, and many of them are made from real mink (and minks are animals). I have been a vegetarian for 7 months now and don't buy products made from real animal fur and I cannot stand animal print items for the same reason too, so I'm trying to be as ethical with my choices as possible. Honey Bunny Lashes are the first fully cruelty-free and vegan luxury lash brand in the UK, and they got in touch to see if I would like to test out some of the lashes. They produce both natural and more dramatic lashes that are the closest thing to mink, without actually being made from minks. The company started up in December 2019 with the aim of bringing "cruelty-free vegan glamour to everyone".

The lashes from Honey Bunny Lashes are layered & stacked and also taper at the ends to give the look of mink ones without any use of animal fur. I was really impressed by how lightweight and soft they are and the very high-quality look and feel to them. These ones I was sent are not too dramatic but a little longer and fuller than a subtle lash. As I have blonde eyelashes I'm inclined to think that anything that isn't quite short and thin would be more of a dramatic lash but that's only because when I don't wear mascara you can't see my lashes. If you have dark lashes they are definitely more of a natural style. They are exactly my kind of length and thickness and I would only really wear this style or none at all. I was also sent this super handy Lash Applicator which is going to save me a lot of hassle when applying them. I have previously used a pair of tweezers and nearly always end up dropping them when picking them up from the packaging or poking myself in the eye from using normal pointed tweezers. The applicator is curved to match the shape of the lashes - I've used it backwards in the photo above to help display them, but you can see how they will grip onto the lashes to make application nice and easy.

The lash glue is non-animal tested and as no animal ingredients are used to make it this is suitable for vegans. It has a brush applicator to make applying the glue to the lashes easier, and with the glue being black it means that you are less likely to notice the glue against the lashes. If you do wear an eyeliner then any mistakes with black glue can also easily be blended and hidden anyway. The Honey Bunny Lashes start at £10 and you get free glue with each purchase you make. And when you consider that they can be reused up to an impressive 25 times, it's quite good value. If you wanted to pick up any additional glue you can grab one from £8 and if you normally, like me, struggle when applying your lashes then the applicator is only £8 which I'd say is a very good value given that you'll get a specifically designed product that you will have forever. If you want to pick up some quality lashes while also purchasing cruelty-free then it's well worth checking out Honey Bunny Lashes for your next set.

Products were gifted by Honey Bunny Lashes