I was really excited to receive a Pixi package in the post recently that contained their new Retinol & Jasmine Skintreats Collection. Pixi is a beauty brand that is passionate about skincare, with its mission being to "bring out the natural beauty in all women - to make women look like themselves, only better". Their products are designed to get you looking your best without the fuss and the need to spend loads of time getting ready. The new collection has been created to renew and rejuvenate your skin. It comes with six products that are used in five steps to accomplish a more refined and renewed complexion. The set came in this super handy travel back that opens up into two bigger sections, a smaller pocket and a hook so you can hang this up while you are away. It's a good size that could pack your essentials in while away on your travels.

The first step uses the Retinol Jasmine Cleanser, with the Retinol to help smooth your skin, anti-inflammatory jasmine oil to soothe, and ceramide to help lock-in the moisture. You can apply this every day and only need a small amount to massage into your face and then simply rinse off with water or a damp face cloth. After cleansing, you'd pick up the Retinol Tonic which contains the time-release retinol to clarify and soothe, the elderflower which illuminates and softens, and the chamomile will help to reduce redness and calm. Simply apply some of the tonic to a cotton pad and wipe across the face, neck, and lower neckline. This can be done both morning and evening after you have cleansed.

The third step of the skincare routine is to treat with oil, one in the morning and one in the evening. A Jasmine Oil Blend can be used in the AM to help your skin to recover from dullness and moisture loss. It contains evening primrose which will improve circulation, the jasmine flower extract to calm and revitalise and the grapeseed oil to nourish. Your PM product is the Overnight Retinol Oil which has peptides to rejuvenate and firm up, ceramide NP to keep the moisture in and time-release retinol to clarify and soothe. Both of these oils only need a few drops to be warmed in your hands and then gently patted onto your skin to apply. 

The next step is to moisturize using the Retinol Jasmine Lotion that has a youth-enhancing effect. Your skin will be clarified and smooth by te retinol, rejuvenated, and firmed up by the peptides and illuminated and nourished by the jasmine oil. It should also contribute to longer-term healthier skin appearance which is always welcomed. The fifth and final step using the Pixi Retinol & Jasmine Skintreats Collection is to nourish your skin with the Retinol Eye Cream. Smoothing and refining are taken care of by the retinol, the caffeine will invigorate and depuff and the peptides will firm and revitalize which all help to reduce the appearance of fine lines. It can be used both around the eyes and the lips. As first impressions go, I've enjoyed trying out the new range. I mean, I love most of Pixi's products and use them on a daily basis. Definitely give them a go if you're looking to try out a new skincare brand, or even have a look at their makeup if you're looking to switch up your beauty regime.

Products were gifted by Pixi