I've recently joined ASOS' Premier (VIP) and I can understand why so many bloggers have joined already.

Firstly, you get unlimited next day delivery with no minimum spend. So anytime I want something from the sale I will have to it by the next day, which is amazing.
Talking of sales, you get early access to them, which means not only can I receive my clothes/shoes/etc earlier than most people, I can also buy them earlier!
Not only do you get early access, you also get exclusive VIP sales. This has to be one of the things that stood out to me when considering buying into this. Everyone loves a sale, even better an exclusive sale.
If the sales don't work to your advantage, if you want to return any products (which I doubt, because I love ASOS), you can get the products picked up from your house, meaning less hassle for you.
Finally, providing you are a female, you get 10 free issues of the ASOS magazine which shows you new products and upcoming trends to get you ahead of the game.

This is for £9.95 PER YEAR, which is a lot cheaper than getting multiple next day deliveries and you get exclusive and early access sales. All you have to do is add it to your shopping bag!

I am so glad I have became a part of ASOS premier and cannot wait for the next sale!