After buying two palettes from The Balm I decided that since Nude 'tude was incredibly similar to a few of my palettes I already have, and I have quite the collection, it was only fair that I give one away. I don't usually have the opportunity to do things like this but whilst I am able to I thought it would be a nice gesture to people who follow me and my blog. As a recent graduate I don't usually have much money spare after I've put money aside for saving for a house and buying people's birthday presents (October is a very busy month). I've always wanted to try products from The Balm and as lovely as Nude 'tude is, the other palette I've bought has colours that aren't as neutral in. I swear about 95% of my palettes are all neutral colours and it is a real struggle to hit pan on them.

The only requirements to enter are to follow my instagram, like the photo and write a comment underneath - it can be anything you wish! It is open to anyone in the world as long as they follow the requirements and you can regram the photo and tag me in it for an extra entry if you'd like, but it is not required. I've embedded the photo so it's easy for you to find and get entering. The giveaway is only running until 20th September as I'd like to post it to its new owner asap!

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Have fun and get entering! Look out for another giveaway coming up soon here too.

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