I've had Charlie for 7 years now and I absolutely adore her. She is a Retriever/Collie/Labrador cross and we got her from an RSPCA rescue shelter when she was around 8 months old. They found her wandering the streets and no-one claimed her and I have no idea why because she is just so cute! 

Over the years I have noticed that Charlie has got a few pet hates which I thought I would share with you. Firstly, she seems to have taken a sense of ownership to the front door, and anyone who comes close to the door gets a friendly bark to remind them that 'that's her door'. She has got used to the sound of my family coming in and normally will meet us with a wagging tail. 

Another pet hate of hers is that she doesn't like the concept of a toy that claims to be indestructible and has taken pride in showing us that she is more than capable of destroying any toy that comes her way. On the topic of biting, she chewed the kickers label off my boots when she was a puppy much to my dismay. Since growing up she has learnt that toys and kickers aren't really her thing and much prefers a walk and a cuddle.

As with many other dog owners, it seems such a cute concept to dress your dog up. Apparently this is her biggest pet hate. I've tried sunglasses, winter hats, caps and scarves and she seems to just wiggle her way out of them within seconds. Maybe I was cramping her style? 

I would always encourage getting your pet from the RSPCA if possible as it saves vulnerable dogs and gives them a loving home. The majority of pets in there have just been abandoned with no lasting damage and they just want a happy place to live. Although the RSPCA make sure their animals have their jabs before you get them, it's so important to make sure your pets are insured. For example, MORE TH>N have teamed up with the RSPCA to provide a range of insurance policies to protect your pets. 
Do your pets have any pet hates? 
*This is a collaborative post