When looking to buy Christmas presents for your other half, it always seems to be a tricky idea. They may want another pair of trainers that they may wear for a few months before getting bored of them. When it comes to girls, gift subscription boxes are a must have, ensuring a small gift once a month. Why do these not come to mind for men? 

Shave Club have devised a high quality subscription service that delivers razor blades each month for a low cost. The first month you get the actual razor free too! You can cancel anytime and membership starts from as low as £3.99, so if you're on a budget for your man this Christmas, this is definitely a gift worth giving. There's even the same service on offer for women too so you can pick up multiple subscriptions at once.

If your man enjoys keeping himself groomed and you're not a fan of a thick beard, then the Shave Club have got the perfect subscription service. You get a fresh blade each week, but if this is too often you can pause your subscription too. On their website you can also buy shaving cream, moisturiser, facial wash and shaving gel which can be added to the basket when you order a subscription box. You can check out their video below to see it in action:
What will you be buying your man for Christmas?
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