This months Degustabox* is branded as the 'Picnic Box' as it has a good selection of items that would be perfect to take out on a summers day. Each box tends to contain different items so if you want to see what I've had in previous months then you can check out my past Degustabox posts

Meal Items

I think the first thing I tried out of this box were the Deli Kitchen Skinni Wraps (£1.25) which contain only 91Kcal per wrap. They come in a unique shape to help fold your wrap easier and it actually worked quite well. They are slightly smaller than normal wraps but this was good as you didn't end with the wrap to filling ratio being too much. The second meal item was the Homepride Strong White Bread Flour (£1.50) which is made from 100% British wheat to help with baking the finest loaves and buns. I don't really think this should have been included in a picnic box as it's not really an item you could just take along as it requires a number of additional ingredients and prep. The MOMA Gluten Free Raspberry & Coconut Bircher Muesli (£3.20) is the speedy answer to overnight oats. The only addition needed is some yoghurt and a bit of apple juice and then you have your breakfast made in 5 minutes.

Snack Items

There are quite a few different snack items included this months box with little grab bags. The Cereal Lovers CrunchTime Nuggets (£1.59) are a healthy new snacking concept to help energise and sustain you throughout your day. They only contain natural ingredients so you know it's a guilt free snack. Hippeas In Herbs We Trust (£1.50) are another healthy alternative that have exciting flavour profiles. They are a new range of organic chickpea puffs that are designed to shake-up the global snacking market. Having a bag of popcorn at a picnic would always go down a treat, with the Portlebay Popcorn (£0.79) being made with 100% natural ingredients such as unrefined raw cane sugar, rapeseed oil and the finest Pyrenees buttery corn.
If you want something a little sweeter then this box has a few items to choose from. Most people will recognise the Cadbury brand so might be excited by the new Milk Peanut Butter Caramel Crisp Bar (£3.49). It has generous peanut pieces and crunchy crispies which are finished off with the peanut halves and a helping of caramel. Candy Kittens (£3.00) have started to pop up in more places now and are designed to champion British style and taste. I got the pineapple flavoured ones which were quite nice and something a little different to what I might normally pick. The last snack item brought back childhood memories as I remember having these years ago. The Millions (2 x £0.50 / £0.60) came in two flavours, chocolate covered strawberry and sour strawberry. These tiny chewy sweets are a great little treat, however, the chocolate coating does seem to come off quite easily so you just get left with the original millions.


A couple of drinks were included this month and are both designed to be a refreshing and summery beverage. The Zeo Soft Drinks (£1.19) are a low calorie and all-natural drink that use exotic botanicals, natural fruit juice and spring water to give an enjoyable drink. The last item in this box was the well recognised Crabbie's Original Alcoholic Ginger Beer (£1.89). It's actually suitable for a gluten free diet and contains real Asian ginger and a number of secret ingredients to make it the UK's number one Alcoholic Ginger Beer. I'm glad there were some recognisable bigger brands this month, as well some interesting ones I hadn't tried before such as the Candy Kittens. If you fancy picking up your own Degustabox then don't forget to use the discount code 0GAWD at the checkout to get £7.00 off.
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