Hello Lovelies,

I was so excited when I opened a random little package that arrived at my house the other week, as I didn't know what was inside. Upon opening it, I saw that it was the palette I was lusting over online, the Makeup Revolution Give Them Nightmares palette* and I was in love.

I love how mysterious the packaging is and don't want to throw it away! I know I'll get a lot of use out of the palette, so the packaging is going in my drawer otherise I'd have to faff around unboxing it a few times a week. They've planned this right time with Halloween haven't they.

Once I opened the packaging, I instantly noticed that Danger Coming and Bump In The Night were my favourites; deep sparkly blues that you can add to a smokey look to give it more depth. I adore the names of these shadows, like Bump In The Night being a Goosebumps book I used to read, Friday 13th like the film, and many more. 'Pretty Zombie' made me laugh, as an avid watcher of 'The Walking Dead' I thought it would be quite the challenge to apply this sparkly lilac to a zombie. I know I'm weird, let me be.

The 12 rectangle shadows are all shimmery, with the circular shadows all being matte. The white colour is quite pigmented on your eye once you've primed, but as you'll notice, on my arm, not so much. But having it on your eyes is what counts!

Here are the colours swatched, which look gorgeous. As I said before, the white should be at the bottom left but you can just see a hint of the sparkle. For £6 these are a bargain, and you can use them really well for everyday smokes to Halloween looks. I'm doing a post on how to create a look for a Zombie and I used the white, and the darkest colour, ironically named 'Darkness'. They worked really well and saved me buying cheap Halloween makeup, when I can imagine you can create countless looks with this palette.
I'm keen to try out the lilac and purple colours for daytime looks that tie in with Autumn, so keep an eye out for that. I also have some other Makeup Revolution posts coming out this week.
That's all for now,
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